Frahmcos Phone System Features

Frahmcos Phone System offers easy to use features that would enable you to fully customize based on your needs; that is our Hosted PBX. Don’t put your business-critical telephony in the hands of a hosting company who doesn’t know VoIP…go with the PBX hosting experts.

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Our Features

Voicemail is available (at no extra cost) on all FRAHMCOS accounts at no extra charge. When a voicemail is received, a recording of the message (in .WAV format) will be emailed to the subscriber’s email address on file.

Using our User Control Account you can control the usage cost.

This enables your customer to press the extensions through your employees without having a receptionist.

Transfer callers anywhere – to another employee, to the operator, to a queue, or to an outside phone number.

When a voicemail is received, a recording of the message (in .WAV format) will be emailed to the subscriber’s email address on file.

We now offer voicemail transcription or voice mail to text service as an option. Our powerful transcription engine will accurately take the content of the voicemail and then convert it to text so you can read it within your email client.

Frahmcos keeps thousands of Toll free numbers in stock for its customers to order and activate instantly. In addition, we can port your current toll free numbers to the Frahmcos network.

This Feature allows your callers to reach you even when you are still on the phone.

Call Forwarding is quick and easy within the Frahmcos user portal. Don’t have a SIP device or PBX? No problem! You can forward any of our local and toll free voice numbers (including international) to a valid 10-digit NANP (North American Numbering Plan) number. Note: Forwarding costs usually include two call paths and the rate is based on the sum of those two call paths.

You can assign your employees or department with Extensions, along with comes with a voicemail box that is created.

vFax provides a complete inbound/outbound faxing solution without the need for a traditional fax machine. Outbound faxes can be sent using our robust browser-based fax portal or directly from Microsoft Outlook; we also offer a stand-alone program to allow faxing directly from the desktop. All inbound faxes are received as Adobe PDF’s to your email address(s).

Get a V-fax for as low as $5/month and 3¢ per minute.

Our Control Panel allows your to customize your account it’s clean, easy to navigate, and offers quick-access to every feature and function the Frahmcos service has to offer. After your initial signup, you’ll get access to this portal.

With online panel, you are always in control of your telephony. You can access and make any changes to your account 24/7. Frahmcos also offers 24/7 Support when things go wrong or issues happening to your account.

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