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Is your computer unable to play any sound? This may happen if the correct sound drivers are not installed, drivers are corrupted no compatible sound driver is not installed. When you check the device manager in control panel you see yellow (!) mark for the sound card is one of the sign that you don’t have the compatible sound driver installed. Some system also requires microsoft universal audio architecture driver to be installed in order to work with your system sound. Get correct & recommended drivers to avoid system hang, crashes and other sound problems.

Steps To Check:

  • Install latest Browser Updates.
  • Not To Install Unncessary Addons & Toolbars.
  • Clean Temporary Files On Weekly or Monthly Basis.
  • Perform Registry Check To Find Browser Related Problems and Fix Them.
  • Perform Full PC Scan/Removal Of Infected Files To Make Sure Browser Is Working Properly.

Fix Computer Sound/Audio Problem - By Frahmcos Remote Tech Support

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