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Is your computer running slow ? Is it not performing like factory default settings ? There may not always be just one reason why your computer is running slow. Your hard drive is the main place where you store all of your files. If you keep it neat and tidy then it will run as efficiently as possible. By doing this you are also preventing something even worse – hard drive failures. PC getting slower is inevitable. This is a very frustrating thing for almost all computer owners. They start looking for options to make the computer faster, or some may even consider upgrading the processors, the motherboard or the RAM, to make their computer work faster. Get PC TuneUp service from our microsoft certified experts and boost your PC performance and get advise on how you can boost your system performance.

Steps To Keep your PC Optimized for Faster Performance:

  • First you need to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, malware, trojans and other types of virus.
  • Perform full system scan with your anti-virus software and regularly update your anti-virus database or updates.
  • Defragment your hard drive.
  • Check for registry errors. corruption. You can check your computer by running a registry scanner software.
  • Check your installed programs and services. Disable and remove the unwanted programs and services.
  • Check virtual memory or page file of your system to boost the system performance.
  • Remove unwanted files.

PC Tune Service by Frahmcos Tech Support

Get Your Computer Optimized For Faster Performance Using Our Remote PC Support.

Fix Long Boot Time, Running Low On Disk Space.

Removal Of Temp Files, Temporary Internet Files, Current User Temp Files, Prefetech, java Cache etc.

Perform Defragmentation Using 3rd Party Tool To Boost The Hard Drive Performance.

Check For Unwanted Programs And Services. Remove Unnecessary Programs With Approval.

Check Virtual Memory Of Your Computer And Optimize It For Faster PC Performance.

Check Register Errors, Corruption and Registry Cleanup.

Online Troubleshooting Is Done By Microsoft Certified Technician - The Most Preffered Engineers For Computer Troubleshooting.

Recommeneded Time For PC-Tuneup's is 30-40 Minutes!

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