VOIP plans includes everything your business needs: Phone System, Phone and Fax numbers with unlimited calling and faxing anywhere in US and Canada, advanced call management, auto attendant and more.
We value our customers so much that we give the set up for free! Yep that is right, we waived your set up fee once you sign up with our VOIP services.
We offer 30 day trial for VOIP services.
There is no limit on to how many lines you need, we offer as many lines you need to keep  your business going and communicate with your customers.
We do a month to month (no contract nor commitment) you can pay as you go and cancel at any time.
Yes you can. Our Free Set up will help and guide you in transferring your existing number through us.
Hosting plans includes everything your business needs:  Free Domain Transfers, Affordable Domain Prices, Cloud Based Shared hosting and more.
We value our customers so much that we give the set up for free! Yep that is right, we waived your set up fee once you sign up with our Hosting services.
Unfortunately, we do not offer free Trial for Hosting.
Yes you can. Our Free Set up will help and guide you in transferring your Domains
Call us at 1(888) 672-1107
Instead of giving your PC to any repairing shop and waiting for days to repair without knowing what is going on the back, there is a wonderful service remote support. Our experts are Microsoft Certified Technicians in this field to assist you with any PC problem you have. We can resolve your problems faster and better than your local computer service. You can track our experts live how they fix your PC problem live. We can help you to repair and maintain your system regularly. We have the best team to fix your PC problem and fixed lowest price.
Our friendly support staff is here 24/7 to assist you to make sure your online business is successful at every hour. live chat to get the support you need to succeed online. After understanding the problem the expert will proceed with remote support to fix the issue.
Our remote Screen sharing technology is completely safe, all your information will be kept safe while we are working on your computer issue. When sharing your screen to us, it allows us to work on your computer while you watch us what we are doing. You remain in control all the time while we fix it.
Yes, it can be fixed with no problem. All you need is to download the remote support software and our expert will perform full system/scan and removal of infected files.
We can fix whatever issues we can find in your computer, unless it requires a hands-on hardware work. Our Technicians are trained and experienced to virtually fix the issue without going outside.
We strive to make our services fair and at its best. To learn more about our Refund Policy >> Refunds and Cancellations.
We compete with prices in the IT industry for fixing computer problems with full satisfaction guarantee. We charge our customers with pay per issue plan, 3-month Bundle or Yearly Bundle and not by hour. We do not charge any other fees aside from the prices given. Whether the issue is big or small, we will fix it for you.
FrahmcosTech Support accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER credit & debit cards online with our secure online payment gateway. •It's Fast. •Payments are made immediately, quicker than sending checks or money orders. •It's Private. •Our Secured Merchant gateway does not reveal your financial information to sellers.
Yes, our service provides you 100% 5-day money back guarantee as we only provide remote support service to those customers for which we can take remote support and fix it online, else you get free solution on live chat.
The expert that assist you is either a Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Desktop Certified Technician, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified Enterprise Support Technician or Microsoft Certified System Engineer to provide you quality service and fix the computer problem easily and safely over internet. Microsoft Certified Professionals are the most trusted engineers for computer troubleshooting.
with the plan you choose it covers the basic preventive care that your computer needs. That includes Virus/Malware Removal, Data Back Ups, 90 Day Tune Ups giving your computer a complete check up. At the same time, easy to reach Technology Experts that are just waiting on the line for you to answer your questions.
Of Course…. Not!!!, we only offer your the prices shown above and we will do the cleaning and fixing without any hidden fees. No matter how big or small the issue will be.
Absolutely! You can always add devices on your plan.
Frahmcos Tech Experts care about your computer as much as you do. We keep your computer’s performance at its top shape. Our Frahmcos Tech Expert will schedule a time with you to clean, optimize your computer. With it, we will also scan and remove for any virus or malware that may have been lurking since our last cleanup and fixing.
For the one time “Fix it”s, we do not offer Cancellation fee, although we give our customers 100% 5 day guarantee if we do not fix their issues, we always try to fix any issue that may occur before we do a refund. For our Bundles, there is a no cancellation fee although we will send you prorated refund for the time you will not be using Frahmcos Tech Support Services.
To cancel your plan, you have to call our toll free number , our customer service hours is from 8am - 5pm EST from Monday to Friday. Customer Service is closed on Sundays and most major holidays in the United States. If you wish to email about your cancellation, you can email at info@frahmcos.com with your name and phone number. You have to state the cancellation of your plan and our Customer Service Representative will call you to verify your cancellation.
Of Course!, we want to make sure that all the issues were fixed, if not, you can always give us a call to fix the pertaining problem. Important! This guarantee does not apply in retrospect. It relies on your timely communication to let us know the problem is still there. Calling in weeks or months later to say that a problem was never fixed puts us in an impossible situation–there’s no way for us to verify it.
Our Tech Experts always do their best to fix whatever issues that may occur on your computer. If they cannot fix the issue, we will try everything we can to fix it - we can also ask for more experienced expert or take time to perform additional research. If all these options still doesn't fix your issue, we will be happy to give you a refund.
Viruses and Malware are tricky bugs and even the best anti- virus could not protect you with all those threats. Our Anti-Virus cannot assure 100% virus protection, and not all Anti-virus programs can get rid of all the virus either. However, if there are some virus attacks that have slipped through your anti-virus program, you can always give us a call and we will fix it right away.
Please allow up to 10 business days for processing, as some banks take longer than others. Many refunds arrive within 1-3 business days, but that’s not always the case. In complex cases, your claim might require more clarification before it can be approved. If you have a question about the status of your refund, feel free to call us any time.
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