Friendly & Reliable 24*7 Remote Service Provider


Friendly & Reliable 24*7 Remote Service Provider

We all use computers at homes and offices. Obviously, most of us are conversant with its basic operations and continue to do our work without any hassles. The nightmare begins once the computer or laptop hangs or is not responding to your command or shows a message which is cryptic for you to understand. One tries to fiddle with some keys, reboots the system or switches it off and on several times but the probability of getting the system work is minimal by these amateur methods. The tension that starts sinking in is perplexing for most people.  The option now is to take it to service center for repair or call any expert. is your 24/7 friend when it comes to find a reliable source to address the issues related to all your PC problems at home or office.

The presence of online support services for personal computers is handy in these circumstances. One has to just care to find the reliable service provider. is a team of dedicated and professional computer experts who are certified from Microsoft and CompTIA besides having adequate experience in problem solving. The commitment to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations is the motto of each and every team member of Frahmcos.  The core philosophy of the company revolves around customer and every problem reported by the customer is taken with utmost care and attention. The result of this dedication has been rewarding for the company and its strong relationship with customers is bringing in more clients everyday through word of mouth publicity.

We are experts in providing remote support service to your computer and our friendly tech executives will be always prompt in resolving your any PC related problems. Whether the problem has been due to any virus or malware or your data has crashed; you need not worry because the most experienced and expert minds of the industry are there for your help.

Frahmcos Tech support team undertakes to provide support for all PC or MAC or other devices with equal ease. Our core services include remote PC maintenance, PC check up, virus removal, password recovery, file recovery, Windows repair, Printer Installation or set up, CD/DVD/ROM or other hardware problems including browser support. In case you require synchronizing with your office computer, we also provide RFID Asset Tracking software which can be done only by top experts in the field.

One of the significant features of our operations is transparent pricing. We do not believe in hidden cost structures followed by numerous remote service businesses since it is unethical to us. Most of our customers have expressed that our pricing is extremely reasonable and affordable.

We understand and give top priority to the security of your computer and stored data. In view of this we use latest encryption technology so that once the one time remote connection of your computer and the computer of our IT expert ends after resolving your PC problems, it disconnects safely and securely.

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